14 Sep 2015

Max Kuhn and Kjell Johnson's Applied Predictive Modelling

This book gives a comprehensive insight to peforming machine learning in R. Max Kuhn is the author of the R caret package, and this book certainly demonstrates the authority the authors have on the subject. With worked examples and excercises, I highly recommend this book to anyone serious about using R for machine learning.

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1 Sep 2015

Coursera Mathematical Biostatistics 1

Great course, with an excellent instructor. Coming from a physics background, I found this to be really useful to brush up and build upon my statistics knowledge which had been a little neglected since my undergraduate days...

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24 August 2015

Hadley Wickham's Advanced R

Essentially a bible of R. Introduces many essential topics that needed if you are interested in being R programming, opposed to someone who just uses R to plug in statistics. This will always have a place on my desk as a first port of call whenever a reference book is needed.

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